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Fahi Business Loan


  • For working capital requirement
  • To meet short term cash flow needs
  • To facilitate Import related transactions
  • Participation of loan syndications, for joint funding with Banks
  • Any other business proposal acceptable to MFLC


  • Locally incorporate company with majority stake held by local citizens. Individuals and partnerships with proper business registration. Ownership with non-nationals excluded
  • Should be in business for at least for 5 years with an acceptable level of performance and growth
  • Evidence of past performance through financial statements, MIRA records, Audited statements, as appropriate

Key Features

Facility limits : MVR 200,000 and above

Tenure : Flexible repayment terms, up to 4 years

Interest rates ; Flexible & Negotiable

Equity : A minimum of 20% of the total project

Security : Project assets, Movable /Immovable assets acceptable to MFLC

Guarantee : Personal guarantee of 2 directors or as appropriate

Loan Syndications: Terms negotiable, to be in line with other syndicate lenders Security: Same as other lenders to the extent of our share